Tips for choosing a professional wedding photographer

A common mistake that people make when choosing a wedding photographer is to entrust a friend or “uncle Bob” who is reportedly good with a camera, to record the most memorable day of your life. Let’s say you have been quoted £2000 for wedding photography from a professional wedding photographer with years of experience and a quality portfolio of work, but you decide to go with a friend who will do it for £500, and the resulting photographs are disappointing, you won’t have saved £1500, you would have wasted £500.

Priceless memories

Your wedding day memories are priceless and you have just one chance of getting it right, why take a gamble with something so important? Would you invite one hundred guests to a banquet in your honour and have “Uncle Bob” who is reportedly good in the kitchen, do the catering, or would you entrust it to a professional?

Do a thorough search, have a good look around. Look at websites but if possible meet photographers in person and have a good chat. Discuss your day and explain your wedding day plans with your prospective photographers. View albums and photographs and see if you develop a rapport. Get an idea for the style of photography that fits your personalities and tastes. For some couples the preference is for a purely documentary approach to capturing the wedding day; for others, stylish and elegant bridal portraiture, group shots and family photographs are important factors, or, a combination of both styles can work very well. You may not be entirely sure which style you prefer until you have had that discussion with a number of photographers. It may take a little time to do this and in today’s busy world time is in short supply, but it could very well be a sound investment.

Buxted Park in the Spring by Barry Page
Pre wedding photographs by Barry Page

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