Four Fab Alternative Wedding Dresses

Queen Victoria wore white to marry Prince Albert on February 10th in 1840. It was considered highly unusual at the time as bright colours were seen as the normal fashions in aristocratic circles. She is credited with starting the tradition of the modern day white bridal gown. While white is considered the traditional colour, nowadays many Brides are choosing alternative colours to suit their interests, personalities and wedding colour scheme. Colourful wedding gowns are becoming more popular and your wedding photographer will love you for daring to be different.

Best for Outdoors and Forest Nymph Brides
Green is the perfect colour for the eco chic Bride. If you are more of a free spirit and love the natural environment, shades of green are for you. Co-ordinate your dress with a bridal bouquet of succulents wrapped in burlap to keep with the forest woodland theme. It also works well if you are having more of a ‘festival’ style wedding with a BBQ and food trucks in a marquee setting, rather than the traditional hotel function room. Those looking to marry in a castle should also consider green as it was very popular in medieval times. Green is the colour of nature and symbolizes growth, harmony and fertility, a great colour choice to start your marriage with.


Best for Drama and Rock N Roll Brides
Red is the colour of fire and blood and it is associated with passion, energy and desire. It is a very intense colour and suits strong personalities. For the Bride who wants to make an entrance, red is the colour of choice. Because it is associated with desire, passion and love, it is an apt choice for an alternative wedding dress colour. It is also a great choice for Brides that love Rock N Roll or a bit of Rockabilly and can easily be matched with black and white accents across the wedding theme décor. Red Roses would work perfectly in bridal bouquets, centre pieces and boutonnieres.


Best for Autumnal and Exotic Brides
A vibrant an exotic colour, orange is often associated with sunsets, joy and happiness. It also has tropical overtones and would be gorgeous paired with a spray of the exotic ‘Birds of Paradise’ flowers as a bouquet and for décor. It is also a great choice for Autumn Brides and would look well in August, September and October. During this time of year, pumpkins are freely available and can make not only great décor and also great talking points for guests. The alternative Bride could even incorporate a pumpkin carving competition into proceedings. These days, anything is possible if you are creative enough.


Best for Modern Brides With a Nod to Tradition
Blue is known as a calming colour. It is the colour of the sea and sky and is associated with depth, sincerity and purity. For the Bride who loves to keep it simple, blue is perfect. A modern Bride will love blue because it still gives a nod to the traditional rhyme of ‘something old, something blue, something borrowed and something blue’. It is also a colour worth considering for second time around Brides.

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