The Flying Maitre D’
The Flying Maitre D'

The Flying Maitre D’

At the weeked I returned to Buxted Park in my capacity as a wedding photographer for the wedding of Georgina and Michele. Of the beautiful wedding I will write in a subsequent post but first mention must be made of the Flying Maitre D’, the inimitable Marc Desseaux.

Marc was ready at that emotional moment during the speeches with a box of tissues dispensed with a flourish for our chief bridesmaid, and if that wasn’t enough, to the great amusement of the assembled guests, he leapt effortlessly into the air clicking his heels together and sped from the room as quickly as he enetered it. Tres bien monsieur! Un tres agile jeune homme!

marc desseaux ready with tissues

marc running

marc desseaux jumping


Not only see, but hear Marc, and see more Buxted Park wedding photography in a previous blog post.

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