Stepping into Bridal Shoes

The average cost of a wedding dress from a bridal boutique is £1,500. It is a once off purchase and it is only worn once. However, bridal shoes, depending on the choice a bride makes, can be worn again and again. They are an item a bride can choose to invest in. The marketplace is full of fabulous bridal shoes and the modern bride no longer has to settle for the classic white satin pump, the wedding shoe industry staple. In fact many brides are looking for that perfect pair of bridal shoes that not only complement the wedding dress, but also her own unique personality.

Sparkly Slingback Sandals for the Princess Bride

Stepping into Bridal Shoes

Preparing Your Feet

When choosing your shoe, think about how your feet are going to be displayed on the day and what needs to be done to wear the style you love. If it is an open toe sandal, a pedicure is absolutely necessary and while a French varnish is still the most popular, if you love colour why not choose a bright pop of colour here to complement your shoes and dress. Any style of shoe where your bare heel is on display will highlight any roughness on your heels. Getting a good scrub and pumice stone in the months leading up to the wedding will resolve this.

Classic Peep Toe Pumps for the Understated Bride

Stepping into Bridal Shoes

Wedding Morning Slippers

Your wedding day is a long day, starting very early and often not ending until the early hours of the following morning. There is no way any bride can wear high heels for that long without being very uncomfortable. Open toe slippers are your friend on the morning of the wedding as you prepare with your bridesmaids at home or at your hotel. Slipping into high heels just before you leave for the church or other wedding ceremony venue, is the best option to save your feet.

Romantic Ruffled Mary Jane’s for the Vintage Bride

Stepping into Bridal Shoes

Flats and Flip Flops

Always have a pair of flat comfortable shoes on hand which you can easily slip in and out of if you have to walk between locations for your wedding photography. Include them in an emergency bridal kit and designate your maid of honour to bring them with her on the day. No one will notice that while you are sitting down to your dinner reception, you have slipped into your flats under the table. One of the trends in recent years has also been to provide your female guests with flip flops for the dance floor. These are often included in a basket in the ladies bathrooms as part of a pop-up vanity table area for freshening up.

Playful Patterns for the Hipster Bride

Stepping into Bridal Shoes

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