Flashes and Bangs – Wedding Fireworks and Photography

Fireworks are great fun. They mark a celebration, and none more so than a wedding.

The first recorded use of fireworks in the uk was for a wedding, the wedding of King Henry VII. The King clearly wanted married life to begin with a bang and to see sparks fly. But these days the bang is not necessary as there are firework companies that supply quiet firework displays.

Light up the sky or romantic sparklers

Given local regulations not all venues are in the happy position where fireworks are permitted but for a professional wedding photographer Sussex provides some wonderful wedding venues that are firework friendly, and none more so than Ghyll Manor, Rusper, West Sussex. The terrace overlooking the generous lawn makes for a perfect viewing gallery. Highley Manor near Balcombe and Handcross has a similarly well designed, proportioned garden and terrace  and sufficiently rural for unobtrusive firework displays. Mannings Heath Hotel near Horsham is another. The view across the lake with the display reflected in the mirror like surface of the water is romantic for bride and groom and enjoyable for all your guests.

Where fireworks of any variety are disallowed, sparklers can make for a neighbourhood friendly alternative. Sparklers may not be as spectacular and not on such a grand scale but they are certainly romantic, intimate and warm and guests can actively participate. Perhaps, at the end of the reception you walk hand in hand through a guard of honour of sparklers as the music plays in the background.

If you are looking to light up the sky on your wedding day and want those unforgettable moments recorded by a professional Sussex wedding photographer then why not drop me a line or give me a call and I would be delighted to discuss your plans with you. Weddings are magical, what magic are you planning for yours?

Ghyll Manor Fireworks by Barry Page
Fireworks at Highley Manor by Barry Page
Wedding Fireworks by Barry Page
Mannings Heath Wedding Fireworks by Barry Page
Wedding Fireworks by Barry Page
South Lodge by Barry Page 388_388_1407
Wedding fireworks

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