Fun wedding photography

Fun wedding photography

When formal wedding photography is not so formal wedding photography

Some photographers don’t like doing them and some people don’t like being in them. You may have been to a wedding where the group shots dragged on and on and the whole process was tedious. But a wedding is a memorable day where families come together.

And in this modern age families are often separated by distance and geography and to be together all in one place can be quite a rare event. So a wedding is an ideal opportunity to make a family record. And it’s fun. When people say to me before their wedding that they don’t really like doing formal shots I usually think to myself, my formal wedding photography isn’t really formal. It’s you having a fun time, on a great day, at a wonderful location with family and friends. Relax, we’ll go with the flow and it will be a hoot. Group shots are great fun…trust me, I’m a doctor photographer. 🙂

For the most part, your wedding will be photographed and documented without you being aware you are being photographed. Operating  “under the radar” is the way one of my couples put it and there are lots of examples of documentary photography on the gallery but I’m equally comfortable with group shots and offering a little humour and a smile…and whatever else is required. 😉

laughing great fun

yew lodge by barry page

alexander house by barry page
Broyle Place Wedding by Barry Page
ghyll manor by barry apge
by Barry Page

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