A Guide to Destination Wedding Photography

Pre Planning

Planning your wedding is for most people, the biggest event they will ever have to plan in their lives. Planning a wedding abroad has its own considerations, the most important aspect of which is to plan earlier that when you would start to plan a UK wedding. When it comes to destination wedding photography and bringing your own wedding photographer, look for photographers who have the experience of photographing weddings abroad, ideally in the country you have chosen.

Ideally the couple will have hired a local planner in their wedding destination country or have a hotel wedding co-ordinator available to them. Putting your photographer in touch with that person is key to pre planning your photography as this contact can be key in recommending locations to scout out when the photographer arrives. The wedding photographer should arrive at least 24 hours in advance of the wedding.



Benefits of Bringing Your Own Photographer

UK wedding photographers tend to have a more natural photography style which is what couples tend to be more comfortable with on their wedding day. In other countries, local photography styles tend to be over posed. Being comfortable with your photographer on the day is very important to being relaxed in the photographs. By bringing your own photographer, you also know that language won’t be an issue and communication will be smooth. When you return home, you can contact your own photographer with ease, whereas it is a lot more difficult trying to get a CD of images from a photographer based abroad.


Destinations and Wedding Guests

Popular European wedding destinations for UK couples include Italy with the rolling hills of Tuscany and its vineyards and the lemon groves and dramatic cliffs capes of the Amalfi coast. Marbella in Spain and the surrounding area is popular with UK weddings as is Barcelona. One of the most important aspects for guests is to think about direct flights between your UK departure destination and your arrival destination, along with transfers to the hotel for your guests. Avoid multiple flight connections and longer transfer times, ideally keep transfer times under one hour.


Weather and Photography Location

One of the biggest photographic benefits of getting married abroad, is that the weather is most likely going to work in your favour, something you can’t depend on in the UK. Make the most of the warm climate and the sunshine by choosing exotic photography locations you would not have the option of in the UK. Think about deep blue seas, pine tree forests, white sandy beaches and backdrop textures like white pillars and colonial architecture to frame the shots. A top tip is to do a Google image search in advance for areas that are close to your ceremony or reception and send any maps and location ideas to your photographer.



Accessibility and Transport

Allow yourself plenty of time as you are unfamiliar with the area and you are dealing with foreign roads, most of the time signs are in a foreign language and often you are driving on the other side of the road. Remember that at a wedding in the UK your photographer would have his or her own transport.  He or she may not have that abroad so it’s a good idea to discuss this and either include your photographer in your transport arrangements to the ceremony and reception location, or check that they have a rental car in place.


Agreeing an overall photography package and discussing any optional extras you might need in advance is best. Make sure to budget for your photographers travel expenses such as flights, local transport and accommodation.

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