Snowy Sevenoaks Wedding
snowy wedding

Snowy Sevenoaks Wedding

The recent snow has reminded me of a wedding I shot in December 2010. The weather was such that only half the guests made it to the wedding.  The church ceremony was at St Mary’s, Kippington, Sevenoaks, which is at the top of a hill.

I left the bride’s house and my car valiantly attempted the climb up the hill, only to eventually lose grip and would go no further. I abandoned ship, donned the wellie boots, grabbed the camera bag and set off on foot leaving my car abandoned by the side of the road in the snow.

Fortunately I hadn’t been trudging long when a builder in a four wheel drive truck with heavy bags of sand in the back for ballast came past. The fine fellow allowed me to hop in and he ferried me to the church.

On arrival at the church the bestman was to be found in a pew receiving attention his leg. He had gone over in the snow outside the church, and we found out after the wedding that he had fractured his ankle. But, he soldiered on all day, smiling, presenting the rings and doing his speech whilst no doubt in considerable pain and discomfort.

The bride had little choice than to alight from the Bentley at the bottom of the hill and was driven up to the church in a Land Rover.

It was indeed a very white wedding! Commenting during the ceremony, our bride said she had wanted a white wedding but didn’t expect it to be quite so white! Nevertheless, it was a fabulous day and one we will always remember and talk about.

The builder who had rescued me on way to the church was on hand to rescue me once more after the ceremony and took me back to my car, and then towed me in the car to the reception at West Heath!


bentley in snow


st mary's church sevenoaks in snow


land rover in snow


land rover in snow outside church


bride arriving at church in snow


cedar tree snow bride and groom


white wedding snow


west heath sevenoaks snow


west heath at night in snow

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